"The adjustment to using CRTs instead of glasses took me a little time to get comfortable with, but the improvement to my vision was significant. I can now perform most activities without glasses, including using my phone. After using both reading and progressive glasses for years, I love the freedom of not needing them any longer."
-Joseph E.


"I like using the CRT contact lenses because they make school and sports so much easier. Not having to wear contacts or glasses during the day is awesome! I can see 20/20 vision & it is honestly so helpful to me!"
-Heather C.

Katie B

“I have dry eyes so I was constantly switching between contacts and glasses (and re-wetting drops every hour). It was such a pain especially for going to the gym! Not having to deal with any of that during the day is life changing! I’m a huge fan, 100% worth the investment. I’m telling all my family and friends!”
- Katie B.

"Dr Sivan is amazing, the entire staff is professional, and I'm so glad I found this place for my daughter! Her Ortho-k Contacts have been a life and game changer by removing her need to wear glasses or even contacts throughout the day. Dr Sivan and ortho K contacts were definitely heaven sent."                                                                      -Reynolds

“Was referred to Dr. Sivan solely for my interest in getting Ortho K contacts for my 10 year old daughter. Since our first visit, the staff and Dr. Sivan have been nothing but amazing. Dr. Sivan is simply the best in regards to knowledge and professionalism. Each and every visit she has proven to us just how much she cares about her patients. She's personable and she takes her time to explain to us the details of each step along the way. She's top notch in everything she does. The office itself and the office staff's personalities along with Dr. Sivan's are simply adorable. The Ortho K contacts that my daughter wears when she sleeps are magical! She sleeps in them and for the next day her vision is corrected without the need for contacts or glasses. They are a huge life changer! So glad for Dr. Sivan and her expertise with Ortho K contacts! Once you visit Dr. Sivan, I have no doubt you'll not want to ever go anywhere else!”                                                                                                                                                  - Misty R.

"DR. SIVAN IMPROVED MY DAUGHTER’S VISION! Dr. Sivan keeps herself current on all the latest ophthalmic treatments. I can honestly say that it is because of her that my 15 year old daughter’s vision is now 20/20! Before my daughter started treatment with Dr. Sivan last year, her vision was -3.75 and had been progressively getting worse every 6 months, since she was 11 years old. We discussed options, and Dr. Sivan decided that she was a good candidate for CRT contact lenses; the contacts reshape her eyes at night while she sleeps. In the morning, my daughter removes them and doesn’t need to wear any glasses or contacts during the day! She does competition cheer-leading and now she doesn’t have to worry about losing a contact lens while tumbling. Because of this revolutionary treatment, her myopia has improved and stabilized ! We are so thankful for Dr. Sivan and her friendly staff!”
- Michele T.

"Dr. Sivan and her crew are top notch. Their attention to detail is commendable. I have my CRT lenses through them and Dr. Sivan made sure that not only the prescription was correct, but that the lenses fit correctly to ensure the best results. Couldn't be happier."                                                                                                                          -Russell B.

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